Solving the “I don’t want to be part of this annoying group text anymore” Problem

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If you group chat via sms/text, you’ve probably come across the irritation of trying to opt yourself out of a group chat. People begin having one on one conversations and before you know it, there are side conversations and 30+ unread messages for a conversation you could care less about.

A similar problem occurs in email…like being part of a CC chain email and having people REPLY ALL rather than REPLY directly to the person they are trying to communicate with. Arrrggg

There are companies like GroupMe et al tackling this problem by making you download an app, but that’s a problem because it forces people to adopt a new app to communicate. My idea is platform agnostic and could solve this problem on the SMS level without the need for an app

I quickly did a mockup of the flow and system and would appreciate you ripping it apart in anyway:


Does anyone know if something like that is around? 

Im still here – hacking and hustlin :)

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I havent written anything on here in way too long, but a couple things:

  • I’m still alive
  • I’m still working at Curious Minds
  • I’m still trying to take over the world

Some things I’m working on at Curious Minds : Ringadoc +Telethrive + some extra secretive stuff I can’t talk about (yet)

Verizon voice+data #fail

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C'mon Sprint and Verizon, we want a FULLY functional ATT alternative for the iPhone. I am waiting for LTE before I switch from ATT..

#startups channel on freenode (found a cool service)

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I stumbled across the #startups channel on freenode today which I am already addicted to. It seems like a good place for entrepreneurs and YC-oriented people to vet ideas, discuss Hacker News, etc. Whenever I come across something that has been around for a long time and don’t know about it, I am semi-pissed and also excited: part of me is pissed I didn’t discover it sooner and the other part of me is just excited that I found it. Like, why couldn’t I find this sooner? Same thing when I first started reading PG’s essays and Hacker News.

So after digesting my discovery, I started browsing #startup’s wiki and found a service for picking good domains when you are stumped and don’t want to pay some domain squatter. They let bloggers try the service for free and I am not gonna pass that up. From their site:

Looking for a cool domain name, but can’t think of one yourself? Think all the good domains are already taken? You’ll love PickyDomains.Com

Here is how it works. You deposit $50 and give us your specifications. Our contributors start submitting their domain name suggestions. When you see that perfect domain, you just register it. If none of our suggestions worked for you – you just get your money back. See, there is no risk involved.

I’m going to try the service out.


“Cambridge is the University of Erasmus, of Newton, and of Darwin”

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Thats basically a big FU from a Cambridge professor to the banking industry who think they have the power to censor a student's thesis. Whats the thesis on? It documents a well-known flaw in the chip-and-PIN system used in banking:

The flaw is that when you put a card into a terminal, a negotiation takes place about how the cardholder should be authenticated: using a PIN, using a signature or not at all. This particular subprotocol is not authenticated, so you can trick the card into thinking it’s doing a chip-and-signature transaction while the terminal thinks it’s chip-and-PIN. The upshot is that you can buy stuff using a stolen card and a PIN of 0000 (or anything you want). We did so, on camera, using various journalists’ cards. The transactions went through fine and the receipts say “Verified by PIN”.

In this era of Wikileaks and censoring information, its hard to side with the big multinational conglomerates who only have one function: make money. All they are trying to do is protect their own interests. With all the talk of 'corporate responsibility' you think the banking industry would want to actually notify the public with the problem. But what do they really try to do? Censor it. 
Why shouldn't a vulnerability related to banking PINs be exposed and then ultimately patched? Shouldn't the public be aware of such an exploit? 

Personally, I am for censoring classified documents the government wants to keep secure, but censoring something as serious as a banking exploit is just absurd.

Here's Ross Anderson's reply to the banking industry.

Amazing: Netflix Streaming Gets “Pay TV Window” Movies

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In a deal with FilmDistrict, Netflix's new streaming service will now carry first run movies like the rest of the satellite and cable providers (who get movies a few months after the theatrical release).  For me its amazing because not only will I reduce my plan to the new stream only price of $7.99, but the movie library will be expanding. This is an great because I hated getting DVDs in the mail in the first place. Pat yourselves on the back, Netflix.

One Click Packet Sniffing with Firesheep

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So the paranoid world has gone crazy with the release of Firesheep a few days ago (the firefox extension that allows any moron to sniff unsecured login details for facebook, amazon, etc).
There are countless articles on how to protect yourself, how scary it is, and how Mozilla cant pull a kill switch on the extension. All in all, its really nothing new. Protecting yourself in public wifi hotspots with SSL has been around for a long time. But I think Firesheeps creator is bringing a lot of attention to the security issue and I bet within the next few weeks facebook (et al) will begin to default users to https versions of their site.

Square Swiper Just Arrived!

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After a long wait (over 6 months) my free square swipper finally came in the mail. Its amazingly small— All I know is I’m gonna start cashing in on all those IOUs…

Apple Knows How to Create Value for Users (and Evidently Profit)

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Its crazy to think that a company with 17 million handsets sold in 2010 profited over one-third of the total profits in the entire mobile industry (but I guess its only surprising if you know that Nokia/Samsung/LG sold 400 million handsets total in the same period). Apple only sold 2.8% of the total handsets, but accounted for almost 40% of the profit? Insane. Its evidence of the value the devices provide for the users and the amount of money their loyal following with shell out for it. The original article can be found here

Drum roll please…the Makerbot Printing Its First Keychain Bottle Opener

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It was completed 2 weeks ago, but I forgot to upload the youtube video of it in action…
This thing is the the hot rod of rapid prototyping!